Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

September 21, 2014
Medicine on the Move


A derm classic goes electronic

A big text that you can now carry in your pocket

Travel News

A longship runs through it

Viking Cruises orders 12 additional longships for 2015

Travel News

Cruise to the top

Crystal Cruises will sail the Northwest Passage in 2016

History of Medicine

Planet of the blues?

It seems to be human is to suffer from depression — and women suffer more

Travel News

Reaching new rights

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights opens in Winnipeg


Shrimp gumbo

Holland's gumbo is a tomato and okra combination with lots of shrimp and chicken

Sweet potato cake

Sweet potatoes and chocolate seem like an unlikely combo, but they work well together


Unlock your door with your smartphone

The new smartphone technology that's replacing house keys


Vegans at sea

A doctor and his daughters cruise the Caribbean on the way to healthier living


Cornmeal waffles with apple cider syrup

This is one of Brown Sugar Kitchen’s signature dishes


The scourge of depression

The disease affects one in five Canadians during their lifetime (SLIDESHOW)